Water environmental issue

The Water Environmental Issue : What is it?

Water is the one of the main natural resources. It makes up about 74% of the World. It could not be incorrect to assert that water supplies the life of virtually all creatures living on earth. But this lifeline is under intense exploitation by inhabitants of our planet in the form of water pollution. This […]

Vegan lifestyle

Saving our environment with a vegan lifestyle

If every person on Earth adopted a vegan diet – without milk, meat, honey, or any other animal-sourced foods – the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the food system in 2050 would fall by more than half compared to 2005/2007 levels. That’s one of several striking findings from an analysis of food and climate published […]


Queensland gas projects blow out national greenhouse gas emissions

Information derived from Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) from the four multinational gas companies – Santos, Origin, British Gas and Arrow Energy – throws into doubt the claim that natural gas is ‘clean’ energy. The emissions revealed by the EISs are so great that Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets are in serious jeopardy. They will […]


Farmers banned from selling cattle

Queensland graziers near an underground coal gas project at the centre of a water contamination scare have been banned from selling cattle until tests clear their stock. Cougar Energy was forced to shut down its pilot Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) plant near Kingaroy last week after the government learnt traces of cancer-causing chemicals benzene and […]


Angry protesters demand independent industry review into science behind coal seam gas

THE State Government has admitted the science behind the potential $50 billion coal seam gas industry isn’t good enough, throwing down the gauntlet to the industry to fix it or go. As farmers and environmentalists protested against the Government’s gas plans for Roma and the Surat Basin yesterday, Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson said the […]


Sacred Water

A short film The Unfractured Future brings Native voices to the forefront of an urgent issue in New York State. The natural gas extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing threatens our water and our future.