Welcome to Western Downs Group Action

This Blog has been started to look at the issues and problems confronting the diverse communities that occupy the Darling Downs with relation to the mining industry. This industry and its associated pollution has the potential to severely damage the long term, and in many cases even the short term viability of these communities.

It is a sad fact that a coalition consiting of the Queensland State Government, The Mining Companies and the Government Departments intends to exploit the gas, oil and coal reserves found in our region regardless of the cost.

However we can stop this from happening, Mining should not be considered on Prime Agricultural land, nor should it be considered in residential, or Rural Residential areas.
Those people who are willing to stand there ground and oppose the Queensland Governments attempt to sell our land out from under us will find that they are not alone. We can stop the miners from destroying our homes, businesses and environment, indeed we must stop them.