If you would like to make a donation to help the gasfield residents fund independent testing to find out why so many of them-especially their children- are experiencing health problems since CSG came to the area

please donate here:


or send money orders to:

Debbi Orr

 PO BOX 203

 Tara QLD 4421                                         

Records will be kept to show exactly what  the money has been used for.



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Gasfield Community Support Group

The Gasfield Community Support Group has been set up for the residents who live in gasfield areas, who are feeling distressed or worried about the CSG industry, who are having trouble dealing with CSG companies, who are experiencing impacts since the arrival of CSG to their area.

We now have many members, who are experiencing health impacts since the arrival of CSG to the area.

Symptoms include: headaches, nosebleeds, skin rashes, burning itchy eyes, nausea, vomiting, itchy skin, joint pain, siezures etc.

These symptoms are consistant with symptoms experienced by residents who live in the gasfield areas in the U.S

Here is a list of the harmed from gas field areas in the U.S

The Bligh Government has been aware of the health impacts in the gasfield areas near Tara for over 3 years, and failed to investigate.

The Newman Government is also aware of the situation in this area, and they too are failing to  investigate.

QLD Health minister Lawrence Springborg has given QLD health approval to collect data from doctors surgeries/hospitals in the area regarding people presenting at these places claiming to be impacted by CSG.

They have also arranged a survey through 13HEALTH for people who are concerned they are impacted by CSG to complete.

But at this stage no investigation into what is causing the health impacts has commenced.

The QLD Government both past and present have failed its duty of care toward residents in gasfield areas.
They have failed to enforce baseline testing was undertaken by the CSG companies BEFORE CSG exploration commenced, they have failed to put in place procedures to protect residents from being impacted.

And they are still failing to thoroughly investigate the impacts to residents.

There are no permanant air or noise monitoring in place, in fact the CSG industry could not comply with the noise limits previously, and requested an increase to their allowable noise limits.

This was approved despite residents strongly opposing the increase, as the noise was already having an impact on them.

After reports from residents of a suphur/rotten egg type smell in the air, DERM had the gas inspectors test the gas infrastructure throughout the estate.
Unfortunately they were only testing for methane, and NOT any of the other nasty gases that could be causing people-especially the children- to become sick.

The problem we are facing is this: NO GOVERNMENT is prepared to investigate any problem with the CSG industry especially health impacts as this has the potential to shut down the industry not just here in Australia, but world wide.


Here are youtube clips from some of our members speaking out about their impacts:

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